Manhattan, New York Home Inspector – What to Look For

Because buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, it is important that everything gets done properly. This means that you would want everything to go according to schedule and plan, and you would hope that there would be no big surprises. Remember, that while there are guarantees for most of the purchases that you make, there is no money back guarantee or return policy on a new home. That having been said, it’s in your best interest to make sure that the property that’s caught your eye on Long Island has no large problems that might be hiding from the untrained eye.

This makes it crucial to have a proper home inspection. One of the best ways to understand what is wrong and right with your new house is to hire a home inspector. The best home inspectors are well trained professionals who know how all the components in your house fit together, and they will be able to determine which of these components is not working properly and will affect the others.

For the average size home in a place like Manhattan, a thorough home inspection will take about two hours. During this inspection roofing will be looked at as well as chimneys gutters and downspouts. All these will be examined as well as any interior components. It is important to keep in mind that the home inspector will not be able to see behind walls or under the floor. There are some areas that cannot be inspected without damaging the property and that would cause a tangle of legal issues.

Reputable Manhattan inspectors generally belong to an organization and the consumer can generally check online or in the yellow pages for the one nearest to them. The best home inspectors have the most experience and have inspected the most homes. These are the ones that the savvy consumer should be looking for. Many of these professionals have had experience in other fields such as engineering, construction, and other related trades and industries.

A home inspector should be able to provide proof of being licensed and certified. Although some inspectors will offer to do repairs, it is recommended to consumers that they get at least three outside quotes before getting any work done. As well, it is not recommended that any home inspection be done at night.

One final note. A predelivery inspection may be required to purchase a new home. Here, the buyer and the builder go through this process. Often it’s a good idea to ask about the inspector coming along as well.

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